Ganesha Teak Root with Glas

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The eye-catcher for you at home!
Beautiful, manifold usable glass vases or bowls on teak roots with a hand carved Ganesha face
Each bowl is unique and has been specially made for you.
As vase or flower pot, candle holder, filled with colorful sand or colored water, as a fruit bowl or else, your imagination has no limits.
 hand-blown glass is placed in a hot state to the teak root. This creates these beautiful, floating organic shapes. Made of recycled glas.
appr. 32inch

One of the most famous (and popular) deities in Hinduism is the pot-bellied elephant god Ganesh. The son of Shiva and Parvati is always helping mortals to overcome any obstacles, both physical and metaphysical. He makes no difference in status, wealth and religion. However, he may, if he is angry, place obstacles in the way and make life difficult.

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