We act: Now!

Oceans are acidifying, the air is being polluted, forests destroyed. The earth, our habitat, is destroyed! By all of us!
Climate protection has become an important topic of conversation. Only, speeches alone do not bring much. That's why Karma Art decided to become ACTIVE! And you are involved!

In cooperation with the German environmental organization Fairventures, we will therefore plant one or more trees in Borneo * for each of the items you have purchased from us. Hoping to save the tropical rainforest destroyed there.
In the item description you can easily check how many trees you have planted by the number of this symbol.

* Why Borneo?
The tropical island of Borneo, located in Southeast Asia, is more than twice as large as Germany and thus the third largest island in the world. In the 1950s, it was almost completely covered by jungle and provided the habitat for countless, unique plants and animal species, some of which have not yet been discovered.
Orangutan female with baby, Borneo (Photo: Karma Art 2017)

Unfortunately, by exploitation and greed for resources and palm oil (which can be found as a cheap petroleum substitute in countless products, such as "bio" diesel) only a fraction (<30%) of the rain forest survived. Every year, the destroyed area is getting bigger and bigger. In summer of 2019 again a huge area burned down without anyone in our world taking notice.
Like the rainforests of the Amazon, the jungle of Borneo is part of the green lung of our planet. It produces our vital oxygen and captures and stores Co2 and other pollutants from the atmosphere through photosynthesis.
Tropical trees grow much faster than our native ones and can therefore absorb more Co2 (about 3t per tree)

Because Karma Art is producing in Asia and we travel a lot there, we have a very close relationship to the nature and people there. We have seen with our own eyes what it means to drive for hours through palm oil plantations where nothing is left of the biodiversity that is found in the jungle. What it looks like when primeval forests burn and toxic greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere.

freshly planted tree (Photo: Fairventures) 2-year-old tree (Photo: Fairventures)

Of course, planting a few trees will not save our climate. But it is a step. One of many others that are still necessary.

More information about Fairventures can be found here:
Here you will find an interactive map of the project to get an idea of ​​the progress.